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SALCRA Improving The Lives Code of Good Practices SALCRA Improving The Standard of Living

SALCRA Improving The Lives

Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the Oil Palm Estates and Small Holdings

Code of Good Practices

SALCRA Improving The Standard of Living

Research & Development

Research & Development

Integrated Fish Cage Culture

Integrated Fish Cage Culture

Organisational Achievement

Organisational Achievement

Quality Culture

Quality Culture

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Social Responsibilty




In line with our rapid expansion and diversification programme and manpower needs, we invite dynamic, highly motivated, result-oriented Malaysian citizen to join us.
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Tender/ Quotation Notices

Quotation No.  Quotation Title  Eligible Bidders Document fee (Non-Refundable)  Revised Closing Date
09/TN/2020 Supply and Delivery of Lubricants to Various SALCRA OPEs for Year 2020   - - 13th April 2020, Monday 12 Noon
09/QUOT/2020 To Carry Out Schedule Waste Collection for SALCRA Estates for Year 2020 and 2021 - - 13th April 2020, Monday 12 Noon

In SALCRA, corporate culture refers to its shared values, work ethics and corporate beliefs. The commitment to inculcate quality culture is enshrined in its MOTTO of “Performance With Quality”.

This MOTTO is internalized by all employees to perform with their best ability at all times.

Steps Taken

Numerous steps had been taken by the Management to make quality as form of corporate culture as follows: -

    • One of it is done at the estate level where the workers are being briefed every morning prior to their daily routine task. In this Morning Muster, which normally starts at 6.00 a.m., the workers and the staff are constantly reminded on the importance of quality in respect of their tasks. As an example, the quality of fresh fruit bunches to be harvested must conform to the ripeness standard, the amount of fertilizer to be applied must be correct and the proper way of staking the palm fronts.
    • It is during this Morning Muster the staff and workers are reminded to do thing correct for the first time and not to learn from their own mistakes but learn from others. In SALCRA we Morning Muster and Morning Assembly in the mills are being used as a forum to disseminate information and tasks to be carried out for the day.
    • To ensure that the Mills produced quality CPO and PK, the FFB sent to the mill must be of good quality where it must be fresh, not rotten and/or unripe. The FFB must be evacuated to the mill within twenty-four hours after being harvested. For this reason, the Mill is open until 2100 hours. To ensure these standards are being complied with, a monthly Estate/Mill coordination meeting is being held and is attended by personnel from both the estates and the Mill.
    • Products produced by the Mill are strictly controlled following the industry’s standard and guidelines imposed by the relevant Authorities such as MPOB. The CPO produced must meet the parameters for the moisture content, Free Fatty Acid content and Deterioration of Bleecheable Index. For the Palm Kernel, the moisture content, dirt content and Free Fatty Acid content must also be within the allowable limit.
    • Quality test are being carried out daily at the laboratory in their respective Palm Oil Mill before the CPO and Palm Kernel are being transported and sold to the customers.
    • To enhance quality as a part of culture in the organization, the Management Team also walks the talk at the estates together with the field staff. It is during this “walk the talk” that the General Manager will stress the importance of quality by stressing on the cleanliness of the estate; collection of loose fruits and regular maintenance of estate roads.
    • To inculcate the quality culture in SALCRA, a committee to implement 5S was formed which is made up of staff of respective departments. The implementation of the 5S has been going on since 2007. Among the activities that had been carried out by the 5S committee includes:
      • Setting up of 5S Corner.
      • Reorganize the filing system.
      • Disposal of items that are not required
    • To further inculcate quality culture, SALCRA’s Management engaged external consultants to give talk/seminar to the staff as well as sending staff to attend training on quality.
    • Another aspect where Management tries to make quality as part of culture is by organizing health run at least three (3) times a year. The main aim is to make the staff aware of the importance of quality life by being healthy both in the mind and body. It is also a tradition in SALCRA that after the event, one of the Management Team members will give a motivational speech on quality, safety and health issues.
    • To reinforce quality culture nothing is better than when rewards and recognitions are given to those who deserve them. Where estates produced poor quality crops, the mill has the right to reject the crops and estates will be penalized. Estates that produced quality fruits and achieved the target will be given recognition which include appreciation dinner, free trip for the staff and their families to West Malaysia or appreciation letter from the General Manager. The Management believes that the above initiative will encourage staff and workers to give high quality performance.
    • To ensure quality standard are being followed, a monthly Estate/Mill coordination meeting is being held, attended by personnel from both the estate and mill. The meeting normally emphasize on how to maintain good quality crops and how to improve the work process which involve the mill and estate. Any decision made by the Committee will be communicated to the lower level staff and workers.

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The training centre is located in BAJO which is about 15 minutes drive from the town of Lundu.
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