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sgimg1The State government of Sarawak has always emphasized on well-balanced urban and rural development in order to achieve a holistic development that benefits both the urban and rural population.

One of the government’s most effective strategies to date is the large-scale and systematic development of Native Customary Rights land or NCR land on a commercial basis, implemented through Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority or SALCRA.

SALCRA’s main objective is to improve the overall well-being of the rural communities through development of lands for plantation agriculture.

Over the last three decades, the success of this programme in converting idle native land into productive agriculture land has brought about greater rural development, SALCRA employeepoverty eradication and the creation of employment opportunities that in turn helped improve the standard of living among the natives in the rural areas.

SALCRA is playing the key roles in land rehabilitation, promotion of agriculture development projects, amalgamation of development projects and implementation of schemes for improvements. Based on the ‘in-situ’ concept, SALCRA’s development projects are carried out where community existed.

The natives contribute their lands while SALCRA provides the expertise and funding. The rights to land are recognized through issuance of land titles to individual owners.


Today, SALCRA’s core business encompasses the management of NCR land for oil palm plantations and tea estate. Since the establishment of the first oil palm estate in Lubok Antu in 1976, 17 more estates have sprung up, including one tea estate, covering more than 51,000 hectares of land area stretching from Lundu to Bau, Serian, Sri Aman, Betong and Saratok regions.

SALCRA RuminantCombining manual, mechanization and integration of cattle and agriculture, SALCRA is able to enhance its productivity and efficiency, reduce dependency on labour and boast a sound environmental management system.

In addition to that, the tea processing facility located at Serian processes an average of 200-300 metric tonnes of tea leaves to made tea per year for the consumer market. SALCRA is also involved in the marketing of oil palm products and made tea, to form a complete business cycle, thus improving efficiency and profitability.

One of the most crucial roles of SALCRA is the acquisition of funds from the Federal and State Governments to finance its land development projects which effectively relieved the landowners or participants of high development and start-up costs.