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SALCRA has launched the balanced scorecard (BSC) programme as a tool for Management to measure the overall performance of the organisation. A series of meeting and workshop have been initiated since September 2016 for the introduction and implementation of the BSC programme.

This BSC programme is in line with the Sarawak Government’s Transformation agenda to ensure that Sarawak Civil Service remain relevant and responsive towards the changing environment and the people and as part of the Sarawak Civil Service Action Plan 2010-2020


Implementation Team

The BSC is led by the Strategic Management Team (SMT) with the Advisor of the said programme is the General Manager of SALCRA. The Members are divided into four (4) strategic groups and two (2) supporting groups, namely Reporting Team and Communication Team.



The Pillar

pillars pillars

To mark the beginning of the BSC era, the Vision and Mission of SALCRA have been revised as follows, to be in tandem with the way forward for SALCRA and its group of companies :

Vision :
Rural Communities participating in SALCRA development areas are enjoying a High Quality of Life.

Mission :
To continue to improve the quality of life of our land development participants by establishing viable business ventures and social development programmes in harmony with the aspiration and vision of Sarawak Government.

Achieving our vision depends on the successful execution of our four (4) strategies: Operational Excellence which leads to Business Diversification and supported by strong Corporate Governance in order to improve the Rural Community Wellbeing.

The performance dimensions that support the achievement of our vision are : Strong Organizational Capacity and achieving efficient Internal Process and also creating strong Financial Stewardship, which will lead to improving the quality of life of the rural communities especially the Participants; are the outcomes.

To kick start the BSC programme, the respective Initiatives to achieve the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the year 2017 have been drawn up and deliberated by the SMT which have been approved by SALCRA Board.


  • To build and replicate the best business model for continued financial success.
  • To align and focus our people and resources on our shared mission and vision.
  • To build the business, achieve operational excellence, exceed employees’ and stakeholders’ expectation.
  • To improve communication across all level in the organization




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