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The approach adopted by SALCRA in its land development programme is on "in-situ" type of development, which mean bringing projects to where there are already people instead of bringing people to the projects.Development Concept

Land development under SALCRA's concept make use of existing unutilized or under-utilized lands for the benefit  of landowners or claimants without jeopardizing their rights of ownership or claim to such land. Implementations or projects are modeled in such a way that SALCRA will provide the funds, expertise and management, while the landowners or participants are to provide land and labour (if they can).

How to Join SALCRA

Normally, SALCRA will only initiate a land development project upon the request of the landowners themselves. The land size is preferably 5,000 hectares of contiguous land.

SALCRA will then conduct dialogues or briefing on how their lands are to be developed and managed. Long drawn-out evening dialogue sessions with the prospective participants in the "ruai" or longhouses to explore possibilities of setting up new schemes are typical sense in the early stages.Development Concept 2

Satisfied upon willingness of landowners to participate, the suitability of the proposed areas will be studied. Assuming that the land is technically suitable for development, the next step is to obtain formal consent of landowners. Consent is documented with the signing of the "Letter of Consent" by the landowners.

Detailed project proposals are then submitted to the Government to approval and funding. To ensure viability of investment, areas that have limited potential for agricultural development, such as isolated, scattered, steep terrain, which make the project implemented very costly and difficult, would be left out.




Development Procedure

Procedure for The Application and Implementation of Land Development