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Naking Nasom used to earn a meagre RM8 a day as a labourer. He decided to entrust his 10 ha of land to SALCRA in 2000, which earned him an RM18,000 dividend. Today, Naking’s experience has allowed him a SALCRA contract to manage 332 ha of oil palm land. In addition, he owns 20 ha.

Naking grew up in a thatched bamboo hut and later became a subsistence farmer. Rice, corn and tapioca were daily staples; wild boar and fish were luxuries. Naking’s son, Nojey, who became a soldier at 22, recalls how his parents laboured from dawn to dusk to feed him and his four siblings.

“Oil palm is a boon to us. They are tough, hardy plants and once they are growing well, only need occasional pruning and four rounds of fertiliser yearly. The trees bear fruit well after 10 years, when their height makes it difficult to harvest the fruits.”

Each hectare has some 140 trees from which workers harvest 14 to 16 tonnes of fruits daily. It takes about 55 fruit bunches to produce a tonne of oil, which fetches about RM31.

 Naking Nasom   Naking Nasom 2 
Naking Nasom with his son, Nojey   A decision in 2000 to grow oil palm on his 10 ha land brought Naking Nasom a dividend of RM18,000 in the first year alone