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Factory 1 ISOSARAWAK FERTILIZER SDN BHD (SFSB) was incorporated in 2005 and it is the first compound fertilizer plant in Sarawak. Its factory is located at Kidurong Industrial Development Area (KINDA) in Bintulu. In 2011, SALCRA was approved by the State Cabinet to take over the company and the management to supply fertilizer requirement for all SALCRA’s estates and for sales to third parties. Upon taken over the old factory facilities was demolished and a new NPK Compound fertilizer factory with China Technology was built in 2016.

The technology is Double Dryer Melted Urea (DDMU) which is the latest Urea base fertilizer technology. This enable SFSB to produce a uniform granular and homogenous nutrient content.

raw material warehouse

Raw Material Waehouse (RMW)

 finished good

 Finished Goods Warehouse (FGW)

The factory has a designed capacity of 150,000 Metric Ton per annum (one line) and the rated capacity of 120,000 Metric Ton per annum. The new factory was completed in 2017 and started commercial operations on 1st August 2017. In addition to supply to SALCRA requirement , it has capacity to supply to the open markets. The factory is able to produce products are not only customize to oil palm alone but also suitable for other plantation agriculture and cash crops including rubber and paddy.

Factory 2

The compound fertilizer is traded under the brand name of “KENYALANG” (brand 1 & brand 2 show the photo here)which is registered with the Malaysia Trade Mark. Currently the fertilizers produced are:-

brand 1

Trade Mark

SEBATIAN 44 (N:12 P:6 K:22 MgO:3); and SEBATIAN 45B (N:12 P:12 K:17 MgO:2 + B)

sebatian 44 and 45B

The packing of the fertilizers comes in 50Kg bags. If further information is required please contact the following:

Mr. Imam B. Shafiee
HP: 014-9940588


Factory Address:

Lot 611, KM 18, Block 20 Kemena Land District (KINDA)
Tanjung Kidurong
97007 Bintulu, Sarawak
Tel: 086-253337
Fax: 086-254500