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Land Management

Hilly TerraceSALCRA formulated its plantation development to include the following criteria:

  • Retaining natural forest cover on hill slopes of more than 25 degress as much as possible. Where development of areas exceeding 25 degress is undertaken, appropriate mitigating measure such as terracing, planting of legumes and retaining of covers are practiced to reduce surface run-off and soil erosion.
  • Construct of terraces for any slope with gradient of more than 10 degress. The forest cover serves as reserves for natural enemies of oil plan pests. It is also parts of an effort to conserve flora and fauna.
  • Hilly Terrace 2Conducting land development in phases and planting of legumes covers, construction of terraces.
  • Retaining and maintaining riparian reserves to minimize soil run-off. Riparian reserves serves as a filtration system to preserve the quality of water entering the reivers.

water management

Water management is one of the most critical aspects in oil palm cultivation as oil palm trees need a lot of water. Unstable supply of water can create unnecessary stress to the trees and adversely affect their vegetative growth and fresh fruit bunches production.

A sustainable method of managing water supply needs to be put in place in order to allow the trees to reach their optimum growth.

Water management in SALCRA includes:

  • Management of fresh water on undulating/ hilly/ inland soils.
  • Management of fresh water management on flat and coastal soils.