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SALCRA practices zero burning technique both in replanting & new development of new areas to oil palm. Palms are felled, chipped and/ or shredded and trees and sapling are staked in windrow and left to decomposed in-situ.

 Planting and Replanting technique

The technique has been proven to be the most environment-friendly. Apart from the environment factor, this technique has also been proven superior to the slash and burn technique because of the following reasons:

  • It allows complete return of organic matter to the soil. This helps to preserve, restore and improve soil chemical and fertility as well as physical properties of the soil.
  • It allows immediate replanting of trees as the new stands can be planted simultaneously while felling and shredding are being done.
  • This technique recycles organic matter to the soil.
  • This technique also allow replanting to be done without violating the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) and contributes positively towards efforts in minimizing global warming.