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In the cause of developing huge tracts of land for plantation purposes, SALCRA has always incorporate sustainability activities in its management in accordance with the mandatory legislative requirements.

In line with that, SALCRA set up an Environment and Sustainability (E&S) Unit in mid 2010 with the primary aim of enhancing its sustainability activities not only to meet legislative requirements but also to ensure that all the areas under SALCRA and those within their vicinity are well-managed environmentally. Other functions of the E&S Unit are as follows:

  1. Create awareness on the importance of good environmental practices.
  2. Encourage SALCRA’s staff especially Estate Manager to be environmental friendly in their management.
  3. Coordinate activities based on the concept of 3Ps – Planet, People and Profit.

In carrying out E&S activities, three (3) aspects are given prior importance: 

 i. Social Aspects  
Health Run Health Run 2
Health Run for Staff and Project Participants
 ii. Safety and Health  
SnE BreifingSnE Training 
 Safety and Health Briefing                                     Safety and Health Training
 iii. Good Agricultural Practices  
 Loose Fruit Collection  Reparian Reserve  Releasing Fish
 Loose Fruit collection for HQ staff  Reparian Reserve Releasing Fish Fries into the river
 Teraces  Well Teraces  Cover Crops
 Terraces  Well Terraced Area  Cover Crops


As SALCRA progress both financially and physically, various activities are being planned and implemented to ensure that its development program are successful and not detrimental to the environment in which it operate. Most of these activities have been incorporated into SALCRA’s Plantation Manual that provides guidelines for good agricultural practices.

 Water Sampling 1

Water sampling for environmental

 Water sampling 2

Water sampling for environmental management
with reparian reserve in the background