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My name is Desmond Sungan Anak Chundi, I spend 32 years working with SALCRA. In 2019, I retired as an Estate Manager in Saratok Oil Palm Estate. After retiring from SALCRA, I started my own estate by planting 10 hectare of oil palm, which can be harvest now. Producing 10 tons of fresh fruits a month is enough for a retiree like me.
Desmond Sungan anak Chundi

As an Estate Manager, along the way I met a lot of people, I enjoyed working with the locals especially on the ground, which give me the advantage to become “Tuai Rumah” now, because they know me well. Even now when I am a longhouse chief, I voluntarily help our community to work close the estate as I have the advantage managing SALCRA estate.
As an AJPLS, there is not much different compare working with SALCRA, I am just like the assistant, I am helping the current manager. “Like last time, when the production is low, everyone will blame the manager, where as we as an AJPLS is in one team, we are to be blame as well” mentioned by Desmond.
My message to the young officer, you have to work hard and extra. “Last time when I was the Estate Supervisor, I did the Assistant Manager task, as an Assistant Manager I did the Estate Manager task, when there is opportunity, the management will recognise and promote you”.

I hope SALCRA will continue to do the best. With a lot of new technologies out there, I think SALCRA can do better, for example now their Survey Unit using Drone, lots of new machines in the market for agriculture to make things easier.

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