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29 May 2023, Serian: SEPOM played host to educational visits by UNIMAS students and Nuffield Scholars, providing a unique opportunity for participants to gain first-hand insights into the palm oil industry. The visits, which took place on 15th May and 27th May, 2023, respectively, were part of the STK3073 Industrial Chemistry course programme for the UNIMAS students, and a dedicated learning experience for the Nuffield Scholars.

On 15th May, a group of 55 eager UNIMAS students arrived at the SEPOM at 9:30 am, ready to embark on a journey of discovery. The students were warmly welcomed by Clement anak Joseph, the Mill Manager, who delivered an opening address, expressing his delight at the opportunity to host the future leaders of the industrial chemistry field.

Ensuring the safety of the participants was of utmost importance, and a comprehensive safety briefing was conducted to familiarize the students with the necessary precautions and protocols within the mill premises. This ensured a secure and enriching learning environment for everyone involved.

The operations briefing was facilitated by Patricia Bujang, one of the Mill Engineer with extensive knowledge of the palm oil industry. Patricia shared valuable insights into the mill's operations, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and responsible production methods. The students were introduced to the various stages of palm oil processing, from fruit collection to oil extraction and refining.

Following the informative briefings, the students were divided into smaller groups to explore the mill in greater detail. Led by another Mill Engineer, Christopher Anis, each group had the opportunity to observe the operations first-hand, witnessing the machinery in action and gaining a deeper understanding of the intricate processes involved in palm oil production. The students actively engaged with Christopher Anis, asking questions and seeking clarification, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Similarly, on 27th May, a group of 14 esteemed Nuffield Scholars embarked on their educational visit to SEPOM. They arrived with a shared curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about the palm oil industry from an international perspective. The visit followed a similar format, with Clement providing a warm welcome and emphasizing the significance of knowledge exchange and collaboration in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture.

The Nuffield Scholars also underwent a comprehensive safety briefing to ensure their well-being throughout the visit. Chung Yong Hui, the Green Technology Manager, delivered an engaging operations briefing, tailored to cater to the specific interests and knowledge levels of the Nuffield Scholars. The group was particularly interested in sustainable practices and their impact on the environment and local communities.

The Nuffield Scholars embarked on guided tours of the mill and the Eco-Mat Plant. They had the opportunity to witness the machinery and processes up close, gaining valuable insights into the palm oil industry's inner workings. The interactive tours fostered engaging discussions, allowing the Nuffield Scholars to exchange ideas and perspectives with both the mill staff and their fellow scholars.

Both visits to SEPOM left the participants with a deeper appreciation for the palm oil industry's complexities, challenges, and potential. The educational visits provided a unique opportunity for the UNIMAS students and Nuffield Scholars to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enhancing their understanding of industrial chemistry and sustainable agricultural practices.

These educational initiatives highlight the importance of collaboration between educational institutions and industry leaders to foster knowledge-sharing, innovation, and sustainable development. SEPOM’s commitment to opening its doors and sharing valuable expertise sets a positive example for future educational visits, inspiring students and scholars alike to actively contribute to the palm oil industry.

By Priscilla Grace Poul


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