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Congratulations to all forty-two (42) bowlers who attended the SALCRA Bowling Tournament held at Megalanes Adventure World, King Centre, Kuching. The bowling tournament took place last Saturday on 26th March 2022. There were 14 teams where each team consisted of three (3) bowlers.
Before the tournament started, the emcee of the day, Mdm. Mariana welcomed all the bowlers and reminded all players to maintain the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) throughout the session. The KRES Chairman, Mr. Henry Daris gave his welcoming remarks to all the bowlers and excited of finally being able to organise the tournament this year in conjunction with the SALCRA Day 2022. He hoped that from this tournament, we may select the best bowlers to represent SALCRA in the up-coming MAKSAK bowling tournament in May, 2022.
It was a very successful tournament and all the participated bowlers had a great time.

The top 10 winners for the tournament are as follows;                                                                 

  • 1st Ranking | Team 2
    Team Bowler Score

    Will Paul Bilun
    Chung Yong Hui
    Adrian Law


  • 2nd Ranking | Team 7
    Team Bowler Score

    Henry Sating
    Hillary Jalin
    Rachel Remus


  • 3rd Ranking | Team 11
    Team Bowler Score

    Michael Muling
    Brenda William
    James Kana


  • 4th Ranking | Team 3
    Team Bowler Score

    Herbert Ujan
    Aziemmat Bin Mustapa
    Dick Lizeky


  • 5th Ranking | Team 8
    Team Bowler Score

    Douglas Tony
    Meg Chelsea
    Ned Edgar


  • 6th Ranking | Team 4
    Team Bowler Score

    Timothy Umpi
    Ramesh Rantau
    Abdul Manap


  • 7th Ranking | Team 12
    Team Bowler Score

    Unchau Ngalong
    Joseph Ratan
    Connie Jipem


  • 8th Ranking | Team 1
    Team Bowler Score

    Kathleen Cherinie
    Pranchisca Tulis
    Dorita Joyner


  • 9th Ranking | Team 5
    Team Bowler Score

    Marcellos Salas
    Marcella Shareen
    Mexsewel Gadom


  • 10th Ranking | Team 10
    Team Bowler Score

    George Carey
    Audrey Jok
    Linda Garlie


Congratulations to all bowlers for their excellent games. Thank you also to the committee members who had helped out throughout the event. All winners were presented with prizes by the KRES Chairman, Mr. Henry Daris at the end of the tournament. There were also ten (10) lucky draws presented to ten lucky bowlers.
The bowling tournament helped to foster and promote goodwill, friendship and teamwork among the bowlers. We hope to see you again in the next tournament. Well done once again!

By Benedict Emang Jok

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